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Burnt Pot Island
Now Available
In Hard Cover

$26.00 for paperback

 $41.00 for hard cover

 $27.00 for hard cover

 $23.95 for paperback

"Burnt Pot Island, Karen's 1st novel, was a semi-finalist for the William Faulkner Society 2020 fiction award.

Briennne Walsh Zipperer, Forbes and New York Times contributor says, "Chad's mom wrote a book. I read it, and it's really good! Not good like, "Wow, you have some talent." But good like, "Legitimately a salacious and fun novel I couldn't put down." Buy it if you're looking for something fun to read." 

I'm looking forward to speaking to Savannah Rotary Club East in February, explaining life on Skidaway Island 100 years ago. 

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