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Burnt Pot Island is my 1st novel and newest book, published November 3, 2021.

Carter Schwonke, author of A Good Day to Start, says "In the haunting coastal waters and marshes of early twentieth century Georgia are the beautiful but devastating voices and perspectives of three generations of slave descendants. Told with a deep understanding of the region's natural beauty and dark legacy, Burnt Pot Island weaves together the Geechee struggle. Opportunities are scarce, degrading, or dangerous, and progress is slow, yet on every atmospheric page, the characters' resiliency and certainty propel and shape their success story.

Rosemary Daniell, author of Fatal Flowers and The Murderous Sky, says, "Burnt Pot Island vividly depicts a time and a place in the deep South when racism was in full swing, survival was hard, and compromises had to be made, taking us into a time and place like few books about the region. Readers of this moving and unique story won't quickly forget this author's fine work, and like me, will look forward to whatever she writes next."

Skidaway Methodist Pinpoint Trip 2-21-19 2019-02-21 069 (3).JPG

I'm looking forward to speaking to Savannah Rotary Club East in February, explaining life on Skidaway Island 100 years ago. 

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