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     Catherine earns a meager living shucking oysters in a filthy, mosquito-infested shed. Prohibition becomes law and the mayor and sheriff of nearby Savannah lure her son and daughter into rum-running on the deserted Georgia sea islands. Will voodoo and prayer be enough to protect her children when federal agents close in for a raid?

     Wild Times on Skidaway Island examines choices residents make when stared down by a bald eagle, when a red-tailed hawk mistakes a golf ball for bird food, and when awakened by the clatter of hooves hitting wooden deck as a deer make a midnight snack out of newly potted flowers.


   "It's never too late to discover the champion hidden within."  Karen Dove Barr was a 50 year old working mother when the last of her children grew up and abandoned her. All that was left were 3 bedrooms full of furniture rejected by the Salvation Army. When she tried running a few steps her husband told her to "just walk, you are too old to run." A long distance runner was born.

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I'm so excited to be speaking to
Dr. Linda Brown's group about BURNT
POT ISLAND and what it says about
Race Relations in the past and how to heal.
Dr. Deborah Wilcox and Dr. Patricia Stewart
  chair the group. 

  Watch for date and time October 2022.

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