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     Catherine earns a meager living shucking oysters in a filthy, mosquito-infested shed. Prohibition becomes law and the mayor and sheriff of nearby Savannah lure her son and daughter into rum-running on the deserted Georgia sea islands. Will voodoo and prayer be enough to protect her children when federal agents close in for a raid?

     Wild Times on Skidaway Island examines choices residents make when stared down by a bald eagle, when a red-tailed hawk mistakes a golf ball for bird food, and when awakened by the clatter of hooves hitting wooden deck as a deer make a midnight snack out of newly potted flowers.


   "It's never too late to discover the champion hidden within."  Karen Dove Barr was a 50 year old working mother when the last of her children grew up and abandoned her. All that was left were 3 bedrooms full of furniture rejected by the Salvation Army. When she tried running a few steps her husband told her to "just walk, you are too old to run." A long distance runner was born.

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  • I'm so excited to be speaking to Dr. Linda Brown's group about BURNT POT ISLAND and what it says about

  • Race Relations in the past and how to heal.

  • Dr. Deborah Wilcox and Dr. Patricia Stewart  chair the group. 

  •   November 18, 2022, 8:00 P.M. ZOOM link to be provided.

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